Huge Sweet Release, 25+ Added

Huge Sweet Release, 25+ Added

Hello everyone,

Today is an exciting day for us as we have just revealed over 25 brand new sweets onto our website. This is our largest sweet release as of yet, and we are excited to see what you think of them.

Of course, all sweets are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. It has taken us some time to try the sweets and decide whether or not they would be released. We did have a huge amount of sweets that didn't meet our strict criteria but we are certain that the sweets we selected will provide our customers with great satisfaction and enjoyment. These are some of the finest vegan sweets out there, and at very good prices too. We are constantly trying and testing new sweets and we will be releasing more sweets in the near future. 

For now though, you have an extraordinary 37 sweets in total to choose from, to mix up and to enjoy!

Included in this release is some fan favourites such as fizzy cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, tongue painters, sour bears, fizzy dummies, fizzy raspberries, Dracula fangs and sour blue babies. 

On top of all these delicious sweets, we have an enormous amount of Bub's which will add to our huge collection already. Some of the Bub's we have released include cola skulls, raspberry and lemon skulls, sour octopi, pineapple and passion fruit skulls, banana and caramel (standard and mini size), mini sour skulls, big skulls, bubblegum skulls and lastly watermelon Bub's,

That is nearly 15 different variants of Bub's for you to choose from at very good affordable prices. As part of our latest release, this weekend (22-24 Sep 2023) we are offering a 15% discount across our whole website. Yes you read that right, 15%. Want more than 15%? Subscribe to our emails and you will receive an extra 5% OFF. 

Use code BONBON15 for 15% OFF.

When you support BonBon, you support animals and nature around the world. 10% of all profits go to conservation initiatives.

Share our website, and let's have fun together while we support our planet and the animals.

Thank you,

Jack and Annabel



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