Our Eco-Friendly Promise

We have thoroughly researched and checked to make sure our packaging is Eco-Friendly and doesn't a carry a huge cost to our environment. We want to be transparent with our customers about the materials that we use and what we are doing to minimise our cost on our planet.

If you have any questions about our packaging, please feel free to email us at info@bonbonplantbased.com

Recyclable Boxes

We package all orders into cardboard recyclable boxes made from 60-90% recyclable materials. All our boxes are stamped with BonBon branding and are sealed up using eco-friendly paper tape!


All stickers used are made from Brown Kraft Paper and are sourced sustainably from FSC Certified Suppliers. Please remove stickers off the compostable bag and recycle separately.

Compostable Bags

We package treats into 100% compostable bags. A much better alternative to regular polythene bags. They are a cellulose based bio-film made from natural renewable resources (not fossil fuels). In standard composting conditions, these bags can disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in 10-12 weeks. These bags are certified by the EU Compostable Standards (EN13432). Simply put in your green bin to dispose, take off any stickers before disposing.

Business Cards

We use Recycled Uncoated business cards. Made from recycled materials, our cards are fully recyclable and are chlorine-free as well as FSC Certified.

Delivery Labels

Our delivery labels are made from 100% paper. We use fanfold thermal labels instead of roll labels reducing the need for the wasteful tube! We recommend you to remove the delivery label off the box and recycle it separately.

Honeycomb Wrap

An Eco-Friendly alternative to bubble wrap, it is 100% recyclable and it's made from Brown Kraft Paper. Recycle as normal with the box.

Packaging Tape

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. It's made from Kraft paper reinforced with fibreglass strands to ensure your treats are safe and secure!