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Tanya White (03/12/23) - 5 STAR - These sweets are delicious and amazing my family can’t get enough of them especially the candy canes all tastes so nice x

Anonymous (21/11/23) - 5 STAR - A great selection of vegan sweets, enjoying every bite. Quick delivery, will definitely order more.

Maria (29/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Great choice of sweets, delicious. Delivered on the same day as order. Thank you!

Nicole Smith (15/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Absolutely blown away by the amazing giveaway win!

This experience has been nothing short of fantastic. From the plant-based goodies to the incredible causes they support, such as animal and environmental charities, bonbon has truly won my heart. After winning, I was so impressed that I immediately placed an order. Their commitment to making a positive impact on the world aligns perfectly with my values. Browsing through their website, I couldn't help but admire everything they stand for. If you're looking for a brand with a purpose, this is it! Huge thanks for the awesome prize!

Emma (21/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Thankyou BonBon the office are raving about your sweets.The flavour selection were amazing and we will definitely be making orders with yourself. Also think the recyclable packaging is great.

Spealsy Coleman (08/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Amazing quality sweets. So very tasty. Loved the range. Just when you think you've found your favourite, you discover another! Superb product and a great service. Keep up the good work!👍🏼

Ana Langame (10/11/2023) - 5 STAR - I got the blue mix 500g and I cannot explain how good they are. Even my mum who isn’t a fan of sweets in general said how nice they are. The quality are fantastic and so flavourful I can’t wait to try them all.

Megan (09/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Great business, fast delivery, great customer service, loved the fudge and sweets!! Fab range to choose from as well, love all the vegan options

Keith Purdy (15/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Really tasty treats, fast delivery and a great company ethos. Will order again.

Alex Ronan (23/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Absolutely delicious sweets, very nice packaging and super quick delivery! Will definitely be buying again.

Addam Hewitt (01/10/2023) - 5 STAR - An absolutely great company. Great range of sweets, very reasonable pricing and fast delivery. Everybody in the family has loved them. Will 100% be ordering again.

Scott Bebb (23/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Amazing service, quality and price 5 stars

Ana Caetano (03/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Absolutely amazing!!! Friendly and kind took time to go through any allergies that I had!! Definitely would recommend

Lou Olvhoj (30/09/2023) - 5 STAR - Quality sweets, great knowing I’m getting vegan products and they taste delicious too! Absolutely love them.

Nicky Jupp (18/11/2023) - 5 STAR - I ordered a mixture of sweets. I ordered a 2kg mixture of sweets they came on time and they are absolutely gorgeous much more tasty then gelatin made sweets Annabel and Jack are amazing and so lovely the sweets were spot on.

Anonymous (09/11/2023) - 5 STAR - Best sweets ever - soft, tasty and very sour - lovely.

Hannah (26/12/2023) - Received these for Christmas - best sweets ever. Refreshing to find gluten free vegan sweets which taste great . I will be ordering some for myself!

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