Why we support conservation?

Why we support conservation?


If you haven't already seen, we donate 10% of all our profits to conservation initiatives. These initiatives help to restore natural ecosystems, reintroduce native species and increase the biodiversity of an ecosystem. We believe that supporting these initiatives is pivotal and imperative to the future of our planet.

Everything that we do in life has a cost on our planet, whether that's the food we eat or the car we drive, everything has an impact. 

We aim to be a sustainable business and we are passionate about helping our environment. We all love to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. We feel that it's important to give back to our planet which has given so much to us.

We will be choosing a conservation charity or project each month to donate our profits too. If you know of a charity which you believe deserves our support feel free to let us know at info@bonbonplantbased.com

Thank you, 

Jack and Annabel

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