Green Initiatives

We are proud to support multiple green initiatives that work to have a long lasting and positive impact on our planet. We all know there is a lot of talk about the health of our planet currently and we want to be able to allow our customers and ourselves the chance to contribute to the healthy maintenance and regrowth of our planet's biodiversity, climate and food security.

10% of all profits go to Conservation Initiatives

Yes that's right, we are committed to helping our planet. Helping wildlife on Earth survive and thrive. Helping incredible biomes and landscapes such as the Arctic and Antarctic. Helping ensure greater food security on Earth for everyone through Plant Based Innovations. Helping reverse the current climate crisis to ensure all future generations can live peacefully on planet Earth without the threats of severe droughts, floods and extreme weather events.

Supporting BonBon supports our Earth!

Climate Positive Order


Everything we do has an impact on our planet. It's important we understand the impact that we are having and work to minimise the impact that this has wherever possible. That's why we use EcoCart. EcoCart allows you as customers to offset the carbon emissions of your online order for a small fee. We are not perfect and it's important to be transparent with the impact of online orders.

EcoCart calculates the ecological footprint of orders to make it easier for us to offset it. All fees paid to EcoCart for offsetting are directly used to reforest the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in southwest Australia. By linking small patches of vegetation and planting indigenous plant species native endangered animals can start to grow in numbers and flourish in this biodiversity hotspot.

Donation of a Tree


ONE TREE PLANTED are an environmental charity that make it easy for anyone to make a positive impact on our planet. By working collectively with businesses and people they can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world.

We give our customers the option to plant a tree using ONE TREE PLANTED for just £0.80. Click the green pop up in the bottom corner of the page.